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Kans BR is a 100% Brazilian company specialized in developing products for hair treatment, with expertise and knowledge based on the latest trends of the cosmetic industry, high quality and sustainability. We invest regularly in research in order to find the ideal raw materials for our product lines.
Strongly present in the cosmetic industry in Brazil and many other countries worldwide , like the United States and United Arab Emirates (especially in the modern and futuristic city of Dubai), the company offers an exclusive Technical Centre for improvement, research, testing and training. In addition, workshops are offered - with specialists in the areas of Health and Beauty recognized and certified by Echo Sapiens.

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Kansas BR is also focused on developing protocols for hair treatments as well as preventing hair loss.

There are no doubts about the value of ahealthy and beautiful the hair complex in our society, despite not having a vital physiological function is directly related to the appearance, self-esteem, individuality and identity. Therefore, Kans BR has a great commitment when introducing protocols, recording the evolution of treatment in all its researches developed together with volunteers who have - hair loss in old age, alopecia and psoriasis.

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