Blond Hair

Specific to blond and white hair. With its revolutionary formula was developed with components of the flora as babassu, açaí, acerola among others, to give it shine and softness to the hair.
It has in its antioxidants formulation as vegetable oil Murumuru and vitamin E, maintains the desired tone, providing beauty and health to the hair.

Shampoo Profissional Matizador


Professional Shampoo Developer

Effective in neutralizing and correcting the effect of yellow blond hair.
Developed with excellent quality raw materials and advanced formula based on Acerola and Resveratrol, do not damaged or dry out the hair.
It has antioxidant action. Effective to combat oxidation of tonalities, from yellowish to orange blond blond.
With its luxurious and sliding foam provides a nice cleaning with high brightness and pleasant perfume.

Platinum Mask – Máscara Matizadora


Mask Hair Regenerator with effect platinum blond

Designed specifically to neutralize gold or yellowish tint, which is being formed over time the hair, highlighting a brighter tone and platinum. Has exclusive formula enriched with vegetable oil babassu oil, vitamin E, vegetable oil murumuru and brightness complex of acai, acerola and grape, giving more beauty and health to the hair.
It is hydrating, detangling, nourishing and revitalizing. Provides silkiness softness and brightness

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