img_conhecamarcador Why should you use the products of Kans BR?
The lines of Kans BR – Eckobrazilis and Mandarin Oriental- should be used such that the hair fiber is constantly nourished. Once the hair loses water, nutrients, and amino acids, it is critical to return these components to the shaft. Before using the product, a test should be made. Some items are more important, as hair testing follows the above criteria.

marcador Progressive
With the constant use of progressive, the hair loses the function of the natural elasticity, thus becoming static. In the process of progressive, hair is surrounded by a “glass cover,” consequently resulting in difficulty in  the absorption of nutrients in the hair. Therefore, it loses nutrients and as a result the hair tends to go thin, becoming weak and breaking easily.

marcador Straightening
During the  straightening process done with thioglicolato or hydroxides, hair loses a lot of nutrients. When hydroxides are used, the hair loses existing sulfur. In this case, the use of Eckobrazilis is essential to restore and give strength to the hair, already fragile, and it is essential to hydrate every 15 days.

marcador Highlights or bleaching
 Again, the hair has a large porosity. A large opening occurs because of  the shafts for the modification or removal of pigmentation.As a result, the hair once again becomes fragile, requiring the replacement of the cystic sulfur  and amino acids to restore the shafts.

marcador After exposure to sun, pool, and ocean
With constant exposure to the sun, sea water and chlorine, the hair is dry, which is nothing but the increasing of shaft porosity along with scalp tenderness. Returning the scalp resistance is the same as giving the shaft a healthy growth which begins at its formation, the hair bulb. The Eckobrazilis line should be used whenever possible with intervals of 1 month and at least 3 months maximum. This variation depends on the frequency of hair wash and exposure to chemicals.


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