Fragile Hair

marcador Suitable for damaged hair
marcador Dermatologically tested.
marcador Easy to apply
marcador has the long lasting effect up to 90 days.

Natural treatment for the replacement of mass capillary protein with an innovative system in the recovery of the damaged strings by the constant use of artificial colors, straightening, progressive and other chemical treatments.

Eckobrazilis is designed for two types of hair: weak and strong. It contains cysteine, the major component in the formation of capillary strings that replenish hair mass, based on oils and extracts of Brazilian flora.

Brazilian nuts, guarana and acerola are other components that furnishes capillary relief, eliminating frizz and providing strength, shine and silkiness.





Unlike other products, Eckobrazilis Shampooline does not deeply cleanse the hair. With a balanced PH, it removes waste and excess fat from the scalp, keeping only the fat needed for protection. It thus prepares the hair for Reconstructive Lotion.



Reconstructive lotiona

With more than 22 amino acids, minerals and water, it has the ability to restore the hair inside out, starting at the hair cortex. It does so by restoring the hair mass. It restores the hair resistance, and consequently its shine and volume, enhancing movement and softness.



Sealing mask

Due to its main substances (Macadamia, keratin, crystallized water, and acerola), it aims to close the cuticle of the hair with all-natural nutrients, ending the treatment process.

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