Hair Protected

Designed and developed with blend of exotic oils and some components of our flora
Its main function is to hydrate, protect and repair damage caused by wear of the strands and caused by chemical damages . This product protects against free radicals and oxidation of the strands. Suitable for all types of hair.

Shampoo Eckoproteção


Eckoprotection Shampoo

Soft shampoo, made with blend of exotic oils, was specially developed to promote the necessary protection to the hair against external aggressors. Has in its composition Pequi oil (Brazilian seed) with a strong anti-inflammatory natural acids.

Condicionador Eckoproteção


Eckoprotection conditioner

Composed of oils like Ojon, Argan and Marula main function is to seal the cuticle outer layer promoting a protective film against the degeneration.

Máscara Eckoproteção


Eckoproteção mask

Has in its formulation the macadamia oil, with strong penetration in the shaft protects against free radical oxidation processes preventing the degeneration of cuticles thereby providing a longer life to hair.

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