Coconut and Mango Line – Home Care

marcador It was developed specifically for the end consumer.
marcador Suitable for all hair types
marcador Marks the intersection between sustainability and the well-being
marcador Contains many natural agents.
marcador The combination of coconut oil with mango extract promotes hydration of internal strings, strengthening the hair fibre and returning gloss and smoothness.
marcador The line provides a complete care, similar to what exists as professional Kans BR use without leaving home.


Coconut Shampoo and Mango

It Cleans the scalp and the hair shafts, and contains ingredients that nourish and reconstruct the hair fiber, preparing it for treatments using conditioners and masks.


Coconut and Mango Conditioner

It Detangles and provides better conditioning, returning softness and shine. It also reduces the drying time when hair is combed while damp.



Brightens and softens the hair. It can be applied either on wet or dry hair conditions.


Coconut and Mango mask

Restructures the hair fiber. Repairs in depth, moisturizes and nourishes the devitalized hair.

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