Eckobrazilis Line


Eckobrazilis – Fragili Hair


Natural treatment for the replacement of mass capillary protein with an innovative system in the recovery of the damaged strings by the constant use of artificial colors, straightening, progressive and other chemical treatments.

Eckobrazilis is designed for two types of hair: weak and strong. It contains cysteine, the major component in the formation of capillary strings that replenish hair mass, based on oils and extracts of Brazilian flora.

Brazilian nuts, guarana and acerola are other components that furnishes capillary relief, eliminating frizz and providing strength, shine and silkiness. Read more



Eckobrazilis – Hair Protected

Designed and developed with blend of exotic oils and some components of our flora.

Its main function is to hydrate, protect and repair damage caused by wear of the strands and caused by chemical damages . This product protects against free radicals and oxidation of the strands. Suitable for all types of hair.
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Eckobrazilis – Blond Hair

Specific to blond and white hair. With its revolutionary formula was developed with components of the flora as babassu, açaí, acerola among others, to give it shine and softness to the hair.

It has in its antioxidants formulation as vegetable oil Murumuru and vitamin E, maintains the desired tone, providing beauty and health to the hair.
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